Lightwave SensorTech

Management Consulting

Intellectual  Property Management

An integral part of today’s business growth strategy involves creation of innovative products and services to timely address market opportunities and customer needs. 

LightWave SensorTech LLC helps companies in auditing and optimizing product development capabilities, deployment of effective product development methodologies, establishing organizational structure necessary for effective product engineering and innovation, enabling rapid and effective realization of concepts to competitive new products.

LightWave SensorTech LLC offers management consultant services, including:

  • Product Ideation and Technology Roadmapping
  • VOC and Product Requirements Management
  • Development of Validation/Verification Strategies
  • Intellectual Property Analytics
  • Deployment of Effective Product Development Processes (PDPs)
  • Enhancement of Project Management Capabilities
  • Third-Party Sourcing for Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
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