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Germicidal Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems

Protect Data

True® Air Purification System (APS), developed by LightWave Technologies, brings a reliable way of elimination of indoor air-transmitted viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, creating safer living and working environments.

Our system is engineered to replace 1940’s technology of HEPA filters with today’s innovative technologies:

  • Our Products: provide reliable elimination of air-borne pathogens (viruses like COVID19, bacteria, fungi) for today’s Indoor Air Quality requirements, helping businesses and organizations get back to 100% normal operation.

  • Our Solution: combines the latest capabilities of UVC Optical Technology and Dynamic Air Circulation management, offering superior and consistent air purification.

  • Our Difference: ease of deployment and low cost of ownership across a variety of essential industries.

Our system is user friendly and offers continuous self-diagnostic and control at your fingertips via the True® APS app for intuitive and easy system setting and monitoring wherever you are.